What do you want OBAMA?

Coz I am away form media world, I did not know early about the president’s visit to K.S.A. I am not sure why my reaction was (A3otho be Allah) when my friend told me he is coming. Maybe, because I imagined him like the devil Bush? If you, Obama, were so concern for the relationship between your country and the Islamic middle east countries, you must do few Changes!

1.      The American Army must leave Iraq.

2.      Stop supporting Israel, the founder of terrorism.

3.      America is not fighting against any other strong country? What was happening all past years between U.S and Iran?

4.      Of course, everybody noticed the (coming 4 the rescue) during problems in Sudan.

5.      The point of (Truth) is wonderful, but were you Americans honest in your justifies?

6.      Do you think using few words in Arabic, verses and saying from our own religion will make us trust the policy of America again?

7.      I enjoyed listening to a historical lecture this afternoon :). Yet, come again! Why did you came? lol

8.      Talking Face to Face, Hummm, wont comment on that, now, I am not ready for a U.S missal. Okay, that was a very bad jock!

At the end Obama, what I am asking and what all hurt countries are asking for is not a big deal, especially when it is asked from the President of U.S.A 🙂